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Introductory Topics in Central Eurasian Studies
Catalog number CEUS-R 199


Variable title course for introductory topics in Central Eurasian studies. May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 9 credit hours in R199 and U320.

Recent topics include:

CEUS-R 199 Buddhist Lives: The Buddha, Milarepa and the Dalai Lama (Fall 2013)

CEUS-R 199 Introduction to Afghanistan: History, Culture and Customs (Fall 2013; Spring 2014)

CEUS-R 199 The Kalevala: Finland's Epic - CASE GCC designation

CEUS-R 199 Central Asia: Cultures & Customs - CASE GCC designation (Fall 2013)

CEUS-R 199 Introduction to Central Eurasian Languages & Cultures (Spring 2014)

CEUS-R 199 Finland through Film: Cinema in the Land of Angry Birds (Spring 2014)

CEUS-R 199 Gateway to Central Asia: Cultures & Traditions (Spring 2014)

CEUS-R 199 Understanding Muslim Cultures through Literature: Turkey (Fall 2014)