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Introduction to Central Eurasia
CEUS-R 191
Christopher Beckwith

This course carries CASE S&H designation
This course carries GenEd S&H

This course tells the greatest story in European and Asian history: about the world of the vast empires of the Scythians and Attila the Hun, the medieval Tibetan, Turk, and Arab empires, and the reinvention of science in Central Asia; about Chinggis (“Genghis”) Khan and the Mongols, and the Great Mughals; and the brilliant artistic and literary culture of the cities, monasteries and colleges of the Silk Road, its destruction, and its exciting reemergence in the late 20th century. Special topics include music, poetry, and the perfection of architecture and art in the Renaissance. The course includes extensive use of films, including Attila, The Conqueror, Lost Horizon, Kundun, Seven Years in Tibet, Jamila (Dzhamilya), and Urga.

No previous knowledge or prerequisites are needed

Required Text: C.I. Beckwith, Empires of the Silk Road (available via Oncourse), xxvii + 472 pp.

Required Films: Attila, The Conqueror, Kundun or Seven Years in Tibet, Dzhamilya (Jamila) or Urga, and Lost Horizon (all available in the Kent Cooper Room in the Wells Library).

Supplementary Reading: To be available online or at the Wells Library.

Grades: midterm exam (50%), final exam (50%), and attendance (±).