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      Many thanks to those who came to join us at the teleconference!  We had a great showing.  Twenty-five colleagues signed
in from the departments of CEUS, EALC, FRIT, Germanic Studies, HISP, Language Education, SLAV, SLS, TLTC, and WEST.
The teleconference went well without a technical glitch.  We were thankful for the beautiful performance of CeLTIE’s new video
projector and Roger Crandall’s excellent technical support.
CeLTIE has made the teleconference recording available to those who could not attend on Wednesday.  You can watch the
conference simply by clicking... Online Language Learning and Instruction PERSPECTIVES & EXPERIENCES  Oct. 25, 2006

Additional recordings of previous McGraw-Hill teleconferences are also available for viewing:
Testing and Assessment in the Second Language Classroom  Oct. 27, 2004

Teaching Culture in the Digital Millennium  Oct. 23, 2002

The Internet and Foreign/Second Language Instruction  Oct. 18, 2000

CeLTIE values your feedback.  Please email us your comments about the teleconference.  As we see it, the potential of
instructional technology is limited only by our imagination and pedagogy.  We want to know what online technology and
support you'd like CeLTIE to make available.  So please fire up your imagination and tell us what you need.  Your
suggestions are always welcome!

One attendee had this to say...
"Bravo!  Thank you so much for organizing the teleconference for us! In past years, occasionally one person from one
language has "gotten it together" to set up a viewing of that annual (and valuable) teleconference over in Radio and
Television.  At best, a few people from one or two different departments would attend, simply because whoever was
organizing didn't really have the time or even sense of who might be interested in other language programs to publicize
(no centralized email list for program directors and coordinators, and not even any sense of who was in that community).
That you were able to organize the teleconference and attend to the technical details and publicity from a more central
position vis a vis all language programs made it so much more successful and meaningful.  The fact that many of us
have now shared the experience of getting to "attend" a national conference via satellite hearing from national experts
on Online Language Learning gives us a common basis for discussion of related ideas locally on our campus.  For
interested members, it might even be good to schedule a follow-up gathering to discuss ideas for implementation /
innovation on our own classes, or just discuss period!  (Kind of like a book group discussing a book they've all read
together).  Finally, I'd also like to say that the physical set-up you arranged was great.  BH 004 is a nice comfortable
room, projecting to a large screen worked great and made for easy visibility, and, as you said, everything went very
smoothly-- no technical glitches.  I am already excited about sharing next year's teleconference with colleagues! 
CeLTIE's "hosting" of the satellite conference was a great success, a perfect example of the kind of thing that wasn't
happening before but that you are making it happen now. Thanks again (and also for making the teleconference
available after the fact on the CeLTIE website)! 
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