CCAT is a registered student organization at Indiana University. CCAT is dedicated to working in fighting one of the world’s greatest injustices—Human Trafficking. CCAT believes that trafficking is a grave violation of human rights and a person’s right to freedom (to learn more about what trafficking is please see the About Human Trafficking section). CCAT is broken into three main branches.


CCAT desires to raise awareness about human trafficking on IU’s campus and in the community at large. We plan to do this through showing films, have guest lecturers speak and taking more grassroot efforts by making presentations in classrooms, religious centers, schools and any other place that is willing to take a look at this great injustice. Our goal is to educate people about trafficking so that ignorance can no longer be an excuse for inaction. The time for change is now, and the power for change is in our hands.


The action branch at CCAT seeks to give students hands on experience in the front lines of fighting trafficking. We plan on taking trips over breaks to places where we can work in either prevention work or in the arena of combating trafficking itself. Furthermore, the hope is to be able to link students who want to dedicate themselves to this issue with internships and job opportunities. There is also a developing branch of action dedicated to researching policy and laws regarding trafficking in an effort to pursue policy proposals that could increase the effectiveness of anti-trafficking policy in the United States.


This branch of CCAT is dedicated to fundraising in order to continue our work and help support the work of organizations dedicated to combating trafficking. We at CCAT are looking for more people to join our cause. If you have a heart for freedom and justice and are willing to commit your time to fighting for this important issue then please contact us at ccat@indiana.edu.