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Dear Colleagues,

Since May 2003, the CATS committee has strived to bring information to you that is pertinent to institutional fiscal operations, address topics that might be interesting to you in your day-to-day fiscal and administrative duties and responsibilities, and to present a new policy/system on the horizon. This is done both by the content reflected on the CATS web site and in the bi-monthly meetings.  Some of the topics may not always relate to your current position—however, the desire of the CATS Committee is that you access the web site regularly to keep informed of important information and that you attend the CATS meetings and be a sponge to absorb and learn all you can.
The bi-monthly CATS meetings are intended to provide information to help, inform, and assist you as an important member of your respective unit’s fiscal and administrative team. This information is designed to help you perform your respective job responsibilities with additional knowledge and for it to serve as a pathway for you to follow and to know the individuals who will help you with any questions or concerns you may have.
Please feel free to provide us with recommendations, at any time, of topics for the web site or for future meetings that are of an interest and concern to you.

Bloomington CATS Committee

Bloomington CATS Committee

Christina Green
Office of Budgetary Administration & Planning
Rebecca Owens
Health Sciences
Patti Quimby
Office of Budgetary Administration & Planning
Rashul Sartoris
Jacobs School of Music
Jody Vaught
School of Public Health
Nancy Vázquez-Soto
Office of Budgetary Administration & Planning
Tracey Wagner
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Campus Administrative Training Series (CATS)
Budgetary Administration & Planning (BAP)
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