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Current Members

Spring 2015. Back, left to right: Justin Bollinger, Leslie Lundewall, Cara Wellman, Rachel Skipper. Front, left to right: Kelly Moench, Kaitlyn Collins, Kristen Swanson.


Winter 2014. Back, left to right: Justin Bollinger, Rachel Skipper, Leslie Lundewall,

Kristen Swanson, Kelly Moench. Front, left to right: Cara Wellman, Kaitlyn Collins.



Rainy Spring 2012. Back, left to right: Sarah Richards, Drew Rosenbarger, Mollee Farrell, Collin Abbott; Front, left to right: Grant Lin, Pericles Ioannides, Cara Wellman, Michael Tu, Leslie Lundewall



Spring 2011. Left to right: Michael Tu, Drew Rosenbarger, Mollee Farrell,

Grant Lin, Pericles Ioannides, Morgan Jones, Cara Wellman


Spring 2010. Left to right: Amy Rosentel, Cara Wellman, Mollee Farrell, Grant Lin, Aaron Wilber, Michael Tu


lab cookout 2009

Spring 2009. Left to right: Grant Lin, Katie Martin, Cara Wellman, Amanda Underwood,
Javed Sayed, Mollee Farrell, Libby Hill, Aaron Wilber, Chris Southwood


lab winter 2008

Winter 2008. Back, left to right: Adam Walker, Chris Southwood, Amanda Underwood, Mollee Farrell.
Front, left to right: Aaron Wilber, Grant Lin, Cara Wellman, Javed Sayed


Spring 2007. Back, left to right:  Aaron Wilber, Kevin Ball, Libby Hill, Katie Martin, and Cara Wellman.

Front, left to right: Joy Garrett, Chris Southwood, Javed Sayed, Allyson Hageman.


Lab Cookout

Spring 2006.  Left to right:  Aaron Wilber, Chris Southwood, Adam Bero, Katie Martin, Kevin Ball,

Anthea Diamondis, Samantha Singler, Joy Garrett, Allyson Hageman, Cara Wellman


Spring 2005. Back, left to right: Samantha Singler, Joy Buse, Adam Bero, Anthea Diamondis,

Irene Kim. Front, left to right: Angela Miracle, Kellie Huyck.



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