Manoj Atolia's Mini-Course Descriptions

Manoj Atolia will give a mini-course on the topic “Shooting for the Global Nonlinear Saddle Path.” This lecture discusses a very general technique for solving for global nonlinear saddle path that can be used by an economist without special knowledge of numerical techniques and without making use of problem-specific information/intuition. While the user can write his own program to implement the technique in any higher level programming language environment such as Mathematica, Matlab etc., we discuss Plug and Play programs (written in Mathematica) that we have provided (  which expect the user to only specify details relating to his/her particular problem and not worry about the nitty-gritty of the solution technique every time a new model has to be solved. The technique is fairly general and allows one to solve for a large class of dynamic economic systems that arise in economics as a result of intertemporal optimization.