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2008 Working Papers

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-"On the  Identification of Fiscal Policy Behavior." Li, Bing 2008-026 3/9/2009
-"Demographic Uncertainty and Welfare in a Life-cycle Model under Alternative Public Pension Systems." Rahman, M Saifur 2008-025  
-"Should Dynamic Scoring be done with Heterogeneous Agent-Based Models? Challenging the Conventional Wisdom." Rahman, M Saifur 2008-024  
-"Strategic Disclosure of Valuable Information within Competitive Environments." Yoon, Young-Ro 2008-022  
-"Specification Tests of Parametric Dynamic Conditional Quantiles." Escanciano, Juan Carlos and Carlos Velasco 2008-021  
-"Skill Upgrading and the Real Exchange Rate." Alvarez, Roberto and Ricardo Lopez 2008-020  
-"Socio-Economic Status, HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Stigma, and Sexual Behavior in India." de Araujo, Pedro 2008-019 9/11/2008
-"Transfers and Labor Market Behavior of the Elderly in Developing Countries: Theory and Evidence from Vietnam." Tran, Chung 2008-018  
-"Initial Expectations in New Keynesian Models with Learning." Murray, James 2008-017  
-"Subjective Health Expectations." Jung, Juergen 2008-016  
-"The Timing of Redistribution." Jung, Juergen 2008-015  
-"The Socio-Economic Distribution of AIDS Incidence and Output." de Araujo, Pedro 2008-014 9/11/2008
-"Fiscal Foresight: Analytics and Econometrics." Leeper, Eric M. , Todd B. Walker and Yang, Shu-Chun Susan 2008-013  
-"Calculating Welfare Costs of Inflation in a Search Model with Preference Heterogeneity: A Calibration Exercise." de Araujo, Pedro 2008-012  
-"Regime Switching, Learning, and the Great Moderation." Murray, James 2008-011  
-"Simulating Sequential Search Models with Genetic Algorithms: Analysis of Price Ceilings, Taxes, Advertising and Welfare." McCarthy, Ian 2008-010  
-"Trade Liberalization and Industry Dynamics: A Difference in Difference Approach." Alvarez, Roberto and Ricardo Lopez 2008-009  
-"Minimizing Bias in Selection on Observables Estimators When Unconfoundness Fails." Millimet, Daniel and Rusty Tchernis 2008-008  
-"Oil Price Shocks and Exchange Rate Management: The Implications of Consumer Durables for the Small Open Economy." Plante, Michael 2008-007  
-"Interfirm Mobility, Wages, and the Returns to Seniority and Experience in the U.S." Buchinsky, Moshe, Denis Fougère, Francis Kramarz and Rusty Tchernis 2008-006  
-"Performance Measurement under Rational International Overpromising Regimes." von Furstenberg, George 2008-005  
-"Search Costs and Medicare Plan Choice." McCarthy, Ian and Rusty Tchernis 2008-004  
-"Advertising Intensity and Welfare in an Equilibrium Search Model." McCarthy, Ian 2008-003  
-"Industrial Deregulation, Skill Upgrading, and Wage Inequality in India." Chamarbagwala, Rubiana and Gunjan Sharma 2008-002  
-"A Model of Exchange-Rate-Based Stabilization for Turkey." Aytac, Ozlem 2008-001