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-Exports and Productivity – Comparable Evidence for 14 Countries.
The International Study Group on Exports and Productivity.
Lopez, Ricardo   2007-028  
-"Empirical Significance of Learning in a New Keynesian Model with Firm-Specific Capital." Murray, James 2007-027  
-"The Extension of Social Security Coverage in Developing Countries." Jung, Juergen and Chung Tran 2007-026  
-"Endogenous Mechanisms and Nash Equilibrium in Competitive Contracting." Page, Frank and Paulo K. Monteiro 2007-025  
-"Assessing the Competitiveness of International Financial Services in Particular Locations: A Survey of Methods and Perspectives." (Published in Open Economies Review - September, 2008.) von Furstenberg, George 2007-024  
-"The Macroeconomics of Health Savings Accounts." Jung, Juergen and Chung Tran 2007-023  
-"A Multinomial Model of Fertility Choice and Offspring Sex-Ratios in India." Chamarbagwala, Rubiana and Martin Ranger 2007-022  
-"A Chronology Of Federal Income Tax Policy: 1947-2009." Yang, Shu-Chun Susan 2007-021  
-"Strategic Basins of Attraction, the Path Dominance Core, and Network Formation Games." Page, Frank and Myrna Wooders 2007-020  
-"Detecting Misspecifications in Autoregressive Conditional Duration Models." Hong, Yongmiao and Yoon-Jin Lee 2007-019  
-"Comparing Small-Group and Individual Behavior in Lottery-Choice Experiments." (Updated Version - Forthcoming in the Southern Economic Journal.) Baker, Ronald J, II., Susan K. Laury and Arlington W. Williams 2007-018  
-"First versus Second-Mover Advantage with Information Asymmetry about the Size of New Markets." Rasmusen, Eric and Young-Ro Yoon 2007-017  
-"Vertical Industry Relations, Spillovers and Productivity: Evidence from Chilean Plants." Lopez, Ricardo and Jens Suedekum 2007-016  
-"What Has Financed Government Debt?" Chung, Hess and Eric M. Leeper 2007-015  
-"School Nutrition Programs and the Incidence of Childhood Obesity."  Millimet, Daniel, Rusty Tchernis and Muna Hussain. 2007-014 1/23/2008
-"Endogenous Timing of Actions under Conflict between Two Types of Second Mover Advantage." Yoon, Young-Ro 2007-013  
-"The Unbalanced Matching in a Director Market." Lee, Changmin 2007-012  
-"Strategic Information Spillover to be Imitated: Incentive to Make Use of Relative Performance Evaluation." Yoon, Young-Ro 2007-011  
-"Effects of Asymmetric Payoffs and Information Cost in Sequential Information Revelation Games." Yoon, Young-Ro 2007-010  
-"Joint and Marginal Diagnostic Tests for Conditional Mean and Variance Specifications." Escanciano, Juan Carlos 2007-009  
-"Decentralization, Corruption, and the Unofficial Economy." Alexeev, Michael and Luba Habodaszova 2007-008  
-"What’s happened over the past 10 years to the selection of retired CEOs as board members?" Lee, Changmin 2007-007  
-"Where do the talented people work as outside directors?" Lee, Changmin 2007-006  
-"Estimation Risk Effects on Backtesting for Parametric Value-at-Risk Models."

(Accepted for Publication by the Journal of Business and Economics Statistics.) (Updated Version - September 4, 2008 - Backtesting Parametric Value-at-Risk with Estimation Risk)

Escanciano, Juan Carlos and Jose Olmo 2007-005 10/4/2008
-"Solving Endogeneity in Assessing the Efficacy of Foreign Exchange Market Interventions." Park, Seok Gil 2007-004 6/12/2008
-"Public Budget Composition, Fiscal(De)Centralization, and Welfare." Arcalean, CalinGerhard GlommIoana Schiopu and Jens Suedekum 2007-003 7/27/2007
-"Growth Effects of Spatial Redistribution Policies." Arcalean, CalinGerhard Glomm and Ioana Schiopu 2007-002  
-"Dependence on External Finance by Manufacturing Sector: Examining the Measure and its Properties." von Furstenberg, George and Ulf von Kalckreuth 2007-001  
-"Joint and Marginal Diagnostic Tests for Conditional Mean and Variance Specifications." Escanciano, Juan Carlos 2007-009