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-"Dynamic Scoring: Alternative Financing Schemes." Leeper, Eric M. and Shu-Chun Susan Yang. 2006-022 10/25/2007
-"India's Missing Women: Disentangling Cultural, Political and Economic Variables." Chamarbagwala, Rubiana and Martin Ranger 2006-021  
-"The Connection between Maternal Employment and Childhood Obesity: Inspecting the Mechanisms." Fertig, Angela, Gerhard Glomm and Rusty Tchernis 2006-020  
-"New Evidence on Product Quality and Trade." Faruq, Hasan 2006-019  
-"Why do Budgets Received by State Prosecutors Vary Across Districts in the United States?" Raghav, Manu 2006-018 11/19/2006
-"Green Taxes and Double Dividends in a Dynamic Economy." (Forthcoming in the the Journal of Policy Modeling.) Glomm, Gerhard, Daiji Kawaguchi and Facundo Sepulveda. 2006-017
-"The Role of Social Norms in Child Labor and Schooling in India." Chamarbagwala, Rubiana and Rusty Tchernis 2006-016  
-"A Competing Risk Analysis of Executions and Cancellations in a Limit Order Market." Chakrabarty, Bidisha, Zhaohui Han, Konstantin Tyurin and Xiaoyong Zheng 2006-015  
-"Entry and Exit in International Markets: Evidence from Chilean Data." (Forthcoming in the Review of International Economics.) lvarez, Roberto and Ricardo Lopez. 2006-014  
-"How Equilibrium Prices Reveal Information in Time Series Models with Disparately Informed, Competitive Traders." Walker, Todd B. 2006-011  
-"Is Exporting a Source of Productivity Spillovers?" (Forthcoming in the Review of World Economic) Ricardo Lopez 2006-012  
-"Asset Prices in a Time Series Model with Perpetually Disparately Informed, Competitive Traders." Kasa, Kenneth, Todd B. Walker and Charles H. Whiteman 2006-010  
-"Budget Processes: Theory and Experimental Evidence." (Published in Games and Economic Behavior.) Ehrhart, Karl-Martin, Roy Gardner, J├╝rgen von Hagen, Claudia Keser 2006-009  
-"Macroeconomic Implications of Early Retirement in the Public Sector: The Case of Brazil." (Accepted for Publication by the  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.) Glomm, GerhardJuergen Jung and Chung Tran 2006-008  
-"Matching Contributions and the Voluntary Provision of a Pure Public Good: Experimental Evidence."  (Updated Version - Forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.) Baker, Ronald J, II., James M. Walker and Arlington W. Williams 2006-007  
-"Risk Preference Differentials of Small Groups and Individuals." (Published in the Economic Journal - January, 2008.) Shupp, Robert S. and Arlington W. Williams 2006-006  
-"The Effect of Rewards and Sanctions in Provision of Public Goods." Sefton, Martin, Robert Shupp and James Walker 2006-005  
-"Resource Allocation Contests: Experimental Evidence." Schmidt, David, Robert Shupp and James Walker 2006-004  
-"Asymmetric Payoffs in Simultaneous and Sequential Prisoner's Dilemma Games." Ahn, T.K., Myungsuk Lee, Lore Ruttan and James M. Walker 2006-003  
-"Endogenous Monetary Policy Regime Change."(Forthcoming in Reichlin, Lucrezia and Kenneth D. West, eds. (2006). International Seminar on Macroeconomics, National Bureau of Economic Research. Cambridge: MIT Press.) Davig, Troy and Eric M. Leeper 2006-002  
-"Generalizing the Taylor Principle."  (Forthcoming in American Economic Review, June 2007.) Davig, Troy and Eric M. Leeper 2006-001