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In 2013 the Doctoral Programme in Economics hosted by the University of Porto, School of Economics and Management (FEP) and CEF.UP, the Center for Economics and Finance at the University of Porto, celebrates its 15th anniversary.

To mark the 15th anniversary of the Doctoral Programme in Economics, the Scientific Board is organizing a special edition (the 10th) of the Students' Seminar Day to be held on the 9th of May 2014. In this Seminar Day, PhD students or recent pos-docs from Portuguese or foreign universities will have the opportunity to present their research work and to benefit from the discussion that will take place during the forum. Articles in all fields of Economics will be considered.

We are very pleased to announce that Professor Daniel S. Hamermesh (University of Texas at Austin) will present a workshop entitled “How to Publish in a Top Journal?”.


On behalf of the Scientific Board of the Doctoral Programme in Economics, we would like to invite you to present a paper in this year edition.

Full papers and a short CV of the presenter should be submitted to abonanca@fep.up.pt by no later than 31st March 2014. Applicants will be notified about the status of their submissions by April 8, 2014. No fees will be charged.

We would very much appreciate if you could disseminate this event in your Institution.

Call of Papers


For further information please visit our website:



We look forward to seeing you on May 9 at FEP, U.Porto.



Kind regards,


The Organizing Committee

Anabela Carneiro (U.Porto, CEF.UP)

Sandra Silva (U.Porto, CEF.UP)

Call For Papers
31st SUERF Colloquium - Baffi FinLawMetrics Conference 2014 - Money, Regulation and Growth: Financing New Growth in Europe

Sponsored by Intesa Sanpaolo

To be held at the Paolo Baffi Centre on Central Banking and Financial Regulation, Universita Bocconi, Via Roentgen 1, I-20136 Milan, on 4-5 June 2014.

NOTES ON THE THEME OF THE EVENT: In recent years, economic growth in Europe has been unsatisfactorily low. Governments, parliaments and international organisations are looking for ways to stimulate growth and improve employment. The organisers invite researchers at universities, international organisations and financial institutions to submit papers in which they analyse the potential roles of monetary policy, financial regulation and financial markets and institutions in efforts to revitalize the European economy. The event will consist of a mix of plenary sessions and work in three parallel commissions. Research questions to be discussed in the three commissions include:
COMMISSION 1 Monetary policy and growth
COMMISSION 2 Financial regulation and growth
COMMISSION 3 Economic growth and financial institutions and markets

A list of suggested research questions is available at: http://www.suerf.org/milan2014researchquestions

INVITED SPEAKERS: The SUERF Marjolin Lecture will be delivered by Olivier Blanchard (IMF). The following speakers have accepted to address commission sessions: Peter Andrews (Financial Conduct Authority), Roland Bohm (Commerzbank), Elena Carletti (EUI/Bocconi), Gregorio De Felice (Intesa Sanpaolo), Hans Degryse (KU Leuven), Jordi Gual (La Caixa), Iftekhar Hasan (Fordham), Geert Peersman (Uni Gent), Mario Quagliariello (EBA), Debora Revoltella (EIB).

PAPER SUBMISSIONS: Researchers from financial institutions, universities, central banks and international organisations are invited to submit papers on the above and related topics to be discussed in three parallel Commissions. Papers should have clear practical or policy implications and should preferably not be excessively technical. The SUERF Marjolin Prize (EUR 2,000) will be awarded for the best contribution by young researchers and is restricted to (co-) authors aged under 40 on 4 June 2014.

SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Authors should submit 2-3 page abstracts or a full paper online through the SUERF Website at http://www.suerf.org/milan2014cfpsubmit by 31 January 2014. These will be reviewed by the event's scientific committee. Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance will be provided before 28 February 2014. Papers already published prior to the event are not eligible. Enquiries should be addressed to michael.bailey@oenb.at

- Event microsite: http://www.suerf.org/milan2014
- List of research questions: http://www.suerf.org/milan2014researchquestions
- Online submission form for Call for Papers: http://www.suerf.org/milan2014cfpsubmit


Call For Papers
The Jacobs Levy Equity Management Center for Quantitative Financial Research Conference

April 25, 2014, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

CONFERENCE OVERVIEW: The Jacobs Levy Equity Management Center for Quantitative Financial Research invites academics to present their current research on topics related to empirical asset pricing, investment management, and quantitative finance. The conference participants will include academicians and practitioners with expertise in this area. The format of the conference will include the presentation of four papers with two discussants for each paper, and a lunchtime speaker. Attendance is by invitation only.

PAST PARTICIPANTS: Participants at recent Wharton finance conferences have included John Campbell, Eugene Fama, Wayne Ferson, Kenneth French, David Hseih, Pete Kyle, Andrew Lo, Chester Spatt, and Laura Starks. Industry participants have included John Ameriks, Cliff Asness, John Bogle, Mark Kritzman, Gus Sauter, and Mark Zandi.

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: The organizing committee will consist of faculty from the Finance Department of the Wharton School, in consultation with the Advisory Board of the Jacobs Levy Center.

CONFERENCE LOCATION: The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

PROVISIONS FOR THE PARTICIPANTS: The Jacobs Levy Center will provide for travel expenses and hotel accommodations for academicians who are presenting or discussing papers.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Those interested in presenting a paper are invited to upload their papers by clicking on the following link: http://www.formstack.com/forms/?1610450-2NrnobuvZM. The deadline for submissions is Friday, January 17, 2014.

FURTHER INFORMATION: For further information contact: Elaine M. Thomas, Conference Administrator, Email: emthomas@wharton.upenn.edu, Tel: 215-898-1715, Fax: 215-573-8084.


Call For Proposals - Conference 2014
Seventh Annual Conference of the Paul Woolley Centre for the Study of Capital Market Dysfunctionality

9 - 10 October, 2014, University of Technology Sydney

The Paul Woolley Centre for the Study of Capital Market Dysfunctionality at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) was established during 2006 as the result of an on-going generous grant made by Dr. Paul Woolley (ex-Chairman, GMO Europe). Other Centres are located at the London School of Economics and Toulouse University. The UTS Centre is to hold its 7th annual conference on campus on Thursday 9th October and Friday 10th October, 2014. Attendance at the conference is limited to approximately 100 people and invitations to attend are keenly sought by both academics, practitioners and policy makers.

Patrick Bolton (Columbia University) will be one of the keynote speakers at the 2014 conference and we are still finalising others. Past keynote speakers have included Viral Acharya, Nicholas Barberis, Stephen Brown, Will Goetzmann Harrison Hong, Gur Huberman and Dimitri Vayanos.

FOCUS: The theme of the 2014 conference will be A Retrospective on Capital Market Dysfunctionality: Where do we go from here? We welcome proposals for papers to be presented at the 2014 conference on any topic that relates to dysfunctionality in capital markets. However, we would particularly welcome papers on topics that directly relate to:
- The importance of macroprudential and microprudential policy
- Variants of the Volcker Rule: The case for two banks
- Does size equate with quality in financial markets?
- A comparative study of financial regulation across countries
- Do we have market failure in financial markets?
- What policies do we need to pursue to make financial markets more effective?
- The role, objectives, and performance of financial regulation

As in previous years we are particularly seeking proposals based on research projects that at this time are either the germ of an idea or are in an embryonic stage of their development. There will be a seven month gap between the acceptance of a paper and the required time for the submission of the paper.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: For those presenting papers, the Paul Woolley Centre will substantively meet the costs of attending and participating at the conference. In addition, a success fee of $500 will be paid to presenters who provide a copy of their final paper and of their PowerPoint slides by the due dates. Finally, cash prizes of either $1,000 or $500 will be awarded to the three papers judged to be the best of those presented at the conference.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: By Close of Business Monday February 24th February 2014:
(a) You must provide on a maximum of one page an outline of the paper that you intend to prepare for the conference
(b) Your proposal should be emailed to the Director of the Centre at UTS, Ron Bird, by the close of business on Monday 24th February 2014 at: ron.bird@uts.edu.au
(c) You will be notified regarding the success of your application during the second week of March.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Successful applicants will be required to provide us with a final copy of their paper for presentation at the conference at a date to be specified in late September.

Website: http://www.pwc.uts.edu.au


Call For Papers
18th Annual Conference of The International Society for New Institutional Economics

June 19 - 21, 2014, Durham, NC, USA

The conference will be organized with the support of Duke University.

Robert Gibbons, MIT
Timur Kuran, Duke University

The conference is organized around approximately 180 papers presented in 45 parallel sessions (7 panels).

INDIVIDUAL PAPER PROPOSALS: The Program Committee, chaired by President-Elect John de Figueiredo, invites you to submit your proposal to present a paper at the conference. Paper proposals are due by January 30th, 2014. All proposals must be submitted electronically via the ISNIE website at: http://call.isnie.org

ORGANIZED SESSION PROPOSALS: Proposals for organized sessions are also due January 30th, 2014. Earlier communication with the Chair of the Program Committee is encouraged to facilitate coordination of sessions.

For organized sessions, the proposal should include (1) the name of the author(s), (2) paper titles and abstract, and (3) email contacts for each paper. The session proposal should also describe the organizing theme for the coordinated session. The person submitting the session will be considered the session organizer (though they may or may not present a paper). If a discussant is desired, that should be included in the description of the proposed session. If papers are completed at the time of the proposal submission, it is advantageous to include them as an attachment with the proposal. If the papers are not yet available, extended abstracts are strongly recommended. The Session Proposal should be sent as a Microsoft Word document named with the name of the person submitting the session. The joint papers should be included as a PDF file named with the name of the presenting author. The package should be sent as an attachment to an email to program2014@isnie.org. Papers included in session proposals should not be submitted as single paper in the electronic submission system.

We expect the program committee to complete its evaluations of the large number of submissions by February 28th, 2014. Notices of decisions to be communicated by email and detailed instructions for registration and uploading final versions of papers will be posted in the website by early March.

- For any query about the program or the scientific aspects of the conference, please write to: program2014@isnie.org
- For any query about the organization of the conference - venue, practical organization, housing and general information - please write to: logistic2014@isnie.org

Chair John de Figueiredo Duke University

Manuel Adelino Duke University
Matthew Adler Duke University
Maristella Botticini Universita Bocconi
Richard Brooks Columbia University
Tom Clark Emory University
Ruben Enikolopov Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Roberto Galbiati Sciences Po Paris
Carmine Guerriero University of Amsterdam
Guy Holburn University of Western Ontario
Daniel Klerman University of Southern California
Francine Lafontaine University of Michigan
Bentley MacLeod Columbia University
Mathew McCubbins Duke University
Joanne Oxley University of Toronto
Carlos Pereira EBAPE/FGV - Rio de Janeiro
Jens Prufer Tilburg University
Heikki Rantakari University of Southern California
Barak Richman Duke University
Stephane Saussier Universite Paris 1 - Sorbonne
Patrick Warren Clemson University


Call For Papers
INFINITI Conference 2014 - "Global Finance - Integration or Mere Convergence?"

Submission Deadline: 12 January 2014

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Fabio Canova, European University Institute, Italy & Dirk Schoenmaker, Duisenberg School of Finance, The Netherlands

TOPICS: Papers in all areas of international finance are welcomed, particularly if they address some aspect of the theme or indeed aspects of international financial integration. Indicative topics include, but are not limited to:
- Alternative Investments & International Financial Integration
- Banking & Financial Services in Integrated Markets
- Behavioral Aspects of International Finance (NEW)
- Behavioral Aspects of International Financial Markets
- Commodity Markets & International Financial Integration
- Corporate Governance & International Firms
- Emerging Markets
- Experimental Treatments of International Finance (NEW)
- Financial Economics of Precious Metals (NEW)
- Financial Engineering & Derivatives
- Financial Geography (NEW)
- Global Financial Crises
- Global Risk Markets
- Interest & Exchange Rates
- International Asset Market Comovements
- International Asset Pricing
- International Portfolio Diversification
- Markets & Exchanges in a Globalised Environment
- Mathematical & Computational Models of International Finance
- Multinational Financial Management
- National Culture & International Finance
- Regionalisation & Globalisation in International Finance
- Volatility Determination & Transmission

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Only online submissions will be considered, and papers should not exceed 30 pages in length. Please see our website http://www.infiniticonference.com for more information.

Proposals for special sessions, roundtables and panel discussions are also welcome and should be sent directly to the Conference Chair.

SPECIAL ISSUES OF JOURNALS: There are *four* Special Issues of Journal linked to this year's Conference:
- Journal of Banking and Finance: "International Financial Integration and Transnational Banking". Guest Editor: Brian Lucey, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
- Emerging Markets Review: "Emerging Markets and Global Financial Integration". Guest Editor: Brian Lucey, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
- International Review of Financial Analysis: "Research Design and Methodology in International Integration Studies". Guest Editor: Maurice Peat, The University of Sydney, Australia
- Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance: "Behavioral and Experimental Insights into Financial Crises". [Papers submitted for this Special Issue must be presented at the Society for Experimental Finance 2014 Conference or INFINITI 2014.] Guest Editors: Utz Weitzel, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands & Juergen Huber, Universitat Innsbruck, Austria.

Presenting authors will be invited to submit their papers immediately following the event, and should take note that all papers submitted will undergo the normal journal review process and that each journal's usual submission fee will apply.

- Deadline for Paper Submission: 12 January 2014
- Notice of Acceptance: 28 February 2014
- Authors' Registration Deadline: 21 March 2014 (for inclusion in the Conference Programme)
- Early Registration Deadline: 21 March 2014
- Conference Fee Payment Deadline: 18 April 2014 (for inclusion in the Conference Programme)
- Conference: 9-10 June 2014

- Conference Organiser, Linda Soriton: infiniticonference@gmail.com
- Conference Chair, Brian Lucey: blucey@tcd.ie


Call For Papers
2014 Joint Meetings of Econometric Society Australasian Meetings and Australian Conference of Economists

July 1-4, 2014, Hobart Australia

The 2014 the first co-located joint meetings of the Econometric Society Australasian Meetings and the Australian Conference of Economists will be held in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia over the period 1-4 July. The meetings will be hosted by the University of Tasmania. The program will consist of keynote and invited speakers, as well as contributed papers on a wide range of topics.

International delegates are encouraged. Tasmania is a unique part of the world, and Hobart was named one of the world's Top 10 cities to visit by Lonely Planet http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/hobart-makes-lonely-planet-top-10-list/story-e6frg6nf-1226500621556. World Heritage Wilderness, colonial heritage, unique wildlife, amazing food and cutting edge modern art make a visit to Tasmania a truly remarkable experience.

Manuel Arellano, Centre for Monetary and Financial Studies , Spain
John Campbell, Harvard University, USA
Rachel Griffiths, The University of Manchester, UK
Alastair Hall, The University of Manchester, UK
Ilya Segal, Stanford University, USA
Michael Buchanan, Temasek International Private Limited, Singapore
Julia Lane, American Institutes for Research, USA
Glenn Stevens Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia

Federico Echenique, California Institute of Technology, USA
Viktor Todorov, Northwestern University, USA
Jean-Charles Rochet, Zurich University, Switzerland
Francis Warnock, University of Virginia, USA
Olympia Bover, Bank of Spain, Spain
Ben Heijdra, University of Groningen, Netherlands
James Vickery, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, USA
Ada Wossink, The University of Manchester, UK
Veronica Cacdac Warnock, University of Virginia, USA

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: The Organising Committee now invites contributors to submit papers for consideration. Paper submissions are open until March 14, 2014, and successful papers will be notified by April 30. Each person may submit only one paper as presenter, but may be co-author on other papers.

SPECIAL ISSUES: Submissions will have the opportunity to be consider for special issues in either THE ECONOMIC RECORD and AUSTRALIAN ECONOMIC PAPERS Journals.

FURTHER INFORMATION: For more information visit the conferences website at http://www.esamace2014.com.au. For paper submission, please follow the Conference Maker link on the site. At least one co-author must be a member of the Society. Contributors interested in organising a session around a theme are asked to please contact the organiser. These will be assessed by an academic committee in the normal way.


WU (Vienna University of Economics & business Administration)
PhD Doctorate in International Business Taxation

WU (Vienna University of Economics & business Administration) is offering PhD Students a Doctoral Program in International Business Taxation.

ABOUT DIBT: The Doctoral Program in International Business Taxation (DIBT) offers an excellent doctoral education to outstanding students from all over the world, fully preparing them to conduct research on international business taxation. DIBT provides high-quality interdisciplinary training for graduates in the field of international taxation, including and combining the disciplines of economics, law and management.

CONTENT AND STRUCTURE: The program takes three years to complete and awards a Ph.D. degree to graduates. During the first year, participants acquire the basic knowledge necessary for working in an interdisciplinary manner. Building on this foundation, the second and third years are dedicated to seminars in related fields, a research stay abroad, additional optional workshops, and especially to doing research on a Ph.D. thesis. For the duration of the entire program, students attend an accompanying research seminar. All courses are taught in English.

QUALIFICATION PROFILE AND CAREER PROSPECTS: DIBT provides the opportunity to conduct research in the following areas:
- Determination of taxable profit
- Locational decisions
- EU tax for businesses
- International coordination of business taxation

ABOUT THE FACULTY: Cutting-edge standards in both research and teaching are guaranteed by a faculty comprised of renowned scholars who have published in the most prominent journals of their respective research fields and have proven their willingness and ability to promote interdisciplinary cooperation. The visiting professors, all internationally recognized leaders in their respective fields, form an integral part of DIBT and add yet another dimension to the top-level academic education offered by DIBT.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: The program is open to students from all countries, provided they hold a master or equivalent degree primarily in law, business, economics and psychology or in other disciplines, if they have a sufficient background in taxation. Applications can be submitted using the online application tool. Please note that only applications submitted before the deadline will be processed. For further and more detailed information on the application requirements, please visit the program's website at http://wu.ac.at/dibt

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: DIBT is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). Only a small number of students can be admitted. Students who are admitted will be granted a waiver of tuition fees. There is a limited number of grants available to students in the amount of approximately Euro 1,900 per month (tax and social/medical insurance will be deducted from this amount). WU always goes the extra mile to provide an ideal research environment for the selected students.

FURTHER INFORMATION: For further information contact:

Vienna University of Economics and Business, Administration
Doctoral Program in International Buisiness Taxation (DIBT)
Welthandelsplatz 1, Building D3
1020 Vienna, Austria

If you have further questions, please contact us at dibt@wu.ac.at

To find out more about the Doctoral Program in International Business Taxation, please visit http://www.wu.ac.at/dibt

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Applications can be submitted online until February 15, 2014.

Apply Online Here: https://bach.wu.ac.at/z/wu/mab/doc/dibt


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