Rusty Tchernis' CAEPR Working Papers

Millimet, Daniel and Rusty Tchernis.

            "Minimizing Bias in Selection on Observables Estimators When Unconfoundness Fails." CAEPR Working Paper No. 2008-008.

            "On the Specification of Propensity Scores: with an Application to the WTO-Environment Debate."

            CAEPR Working Paper No. 2006-013

                (Forthcoming in the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics.)


Updated January 3, 2008 - New Title  "On the Specification of Propensity Scores: With Applications to the Analysis of Trade Policies"


Buchinsky, Moshe, Denis Fougère, Francis Kramarz and Rusty Tchernis.

            "Interfirm Mobility, Wages, and the Returns to Seniority and Experience in the U.S." CAEPR Working Paper No. 2008-006.


Chamarbagwala, Rubiana and Rusty Tchernis.

            "The Role of Social Norms in Child Labor and Schooling in India." CAEPR Working Paper No. 2006-016.


Fertig, Angela, Gerhard Glomm and Rusty Tchernis.

            "The Connection between Maternal Employment and Childhood Obesity: Inspecting the Mechanisms." CAEPR Working Paper

            No. 2006-020.


McCarthy, Ian and Rusty Tchernis.

            "Search Costs and Medicare Plan Choice." CAEPR Working Paper No. 2008-004.


Millimet, Daniel, Rusty Tchernis  and Muna Hussain.

            "School Nutrition Programs and the Incidence of Childhood Obesity." CAEPR Working Paper No. 2007-014.

                Updated January 22, 2014