Gerhard Glomm's CAEPR Working Papers

Arcalean, Calin, Gerhard Glomm and Ioana Schiopu.

            "Growth Effects of Spatial Redistribution Policies." CAEPR Working Paper No. 2007-002.


Arcalean, Calin, Gerhard Glomm, Ioana Schiopu and Jens Suedekum.

            "Public Budget Composition, Fiscal(De)Centralization, and Welfare" CAEPR Working Paper No. 2007-003.

            UPDATED JULY 27, 2007


Fertig, Angela, Gerhard Glomm and Rusty Tchernis.

            "The Connection between Maternal Employment and Childhood Obesity: Inspecting the Mechanisms." CAEPR Working Paper

            No. 2006-020.


Glomm, Gerhard, Daiji Kawaguchi and Facundo Sepulveda.

            "Green Taxes and Double Dividends in a Dynamic Economy." CAEPR Working Paper No. 2006-017.

                (Forthcoming in the the Journal of Policy Modeling.)


Glomm, Gerhard, Jung, Juergen and Chung Tran.

            "Macroeconomic Implications of Early Retirement in the Public Sector: The Case of Brazil." CAEPR Working Paper No. 2006-008.

                (Accepted for Publication by the  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.)


Peter Bearse, Buly A. Cardak, Glomm, Gerhard and  B. Ravikumar.

             "Why Do Education Vouchers Fail?" CAEPR Working Paper No. 2009-014.


Glomm, Gerhard and Jung, Juergen.

            "A Macroeconomic Analysis of Energy Subsidies in a Small Open Economy: The Case of Egypt" CAEPR Working Paper No. 2012-006.