George von Furstenberg's CAEPR Working Papers

von Furstenberg, George.

            "Assessing the Competitiveness of International Financial Services in Particular Locations: A Survey of Methods and Perspectives."

            CAEPR Working Paper No. 2007-024.

                (Published in Open Economies Review - September, 2008.)



von Furstenberg, George and Ulf von Kalckreuth.

           "Dependence on External Finance by Manufacturing Sector: Examining the Measure and its Properties." CAEPR Working Paper

           No. 2007-001.

                (Accepted for Publication by the Economie Internationale.)


"Performance Measurement under Rational International Overpromising Regimes." CAEPR Working Paper No. 2008-005.

                (Forthcoming in the Journal of Public Policy.)


"Policy Responses during the Depth of the 2007-09 Financial Crisis: InstrumentInnovations, Executive Reconfigurations, andLegacies for U.S. Governance." CAEPR Working Paper No. 2009-007.