Frank Page's CAEPR Working Papers

Page, Frank



Page, Frank and Paulo K. Monteiro.

            "Endogenous Mechanisms and Nash Equilibrium in Competitive Contracting." CAEPR Working Paper No. 2007-025.


Page, Frank and Myrna Wooders.

            "Strategic Basins of Attraction, the Path Dominance Core, and Network Formation Games." CAEPR Working Paper No. 2007-020.


Page, Frank and Myrna Wooders

          "Endogenous Network Dynamics." CAEPR Working Paper No. 2009-002.


 Page, Frank and Myrna Wooders

        "Club Networks With Mutiple Club Memberships and Noncooperative Stability."  CAEPR Working Paper No. 2009-005.



"New Properties of Nash Correspondences: Externalities, Nonconvexities, and Fixed Points" CAEPR Working Paper No.2011-003.

"Baire 1 Selections, Approximation, and Fixed Points for a Class of Nonconvex-Valued USCO Mappings"

CAEPR Working Paper No.2011-002.
"Stationary Markov Equilibria in Discounted Stochastic Games"
CAEPR Working Paper No.2011-001.

updated February 18, 2014