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** Buddhist Study Association  at Indiana University (BSAIU) is a student association under the management of IU Office of Student Organizations and Leadership Development. BSAIU has held various activities since its foundation in 1991 and aims to provide a forum for a dialog among various traditions of Buddhist teaching without privileging any particular tradition. BSAIU holds a small library of hundreds of books on Buddhist and meets every week to foster the understanding of Buddhist wisdom and helps students apply Buddhist principles to better their daily lives. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to join us, so long as you are interested in Buddhism or you want to know how to deal with of our sufferings and achieve a happy life with Buddha’s wisdom, you are welcome to join us.

**來參加佛學社的人必是佛教徒? It is not the case in BSAIU. 是不是佛教徒並不是BSAIU的課題. 我們只是提供一個單純 免於刻板印象的環境 來認識了解佛法的真義. 只要對我們的活動主題和內容有興趣 或想認識佛法的朋友, 均歡迎加入我們探索佛法, 分享生活經驗的行列!!!

**了解佛法的精神和真義 只是具備佛學常識而已, 真正重要的是在日常生活中 去體會佛法的道理, 用自己生命經驗 來驗證佛法內容的可信度

**由於成員來自不同學科背景 也有個別的興趣 (教育, 文學, 心理學, 諮商, 音樂, 藝術, , , 哲學, 會計, 公共事務政策, 營養保健, “家庭大學”…), 因此 多元化地探索佛法 與不同學科以及生活議題之關聯 是我們活動進行主要的內容. 而增廣見聞, 尊重並傾聽不同聲音 是我們學習的態度.