Current BSES Students

It is important to seek academic advising early--and to continue to visit with an advisor whenever you need guidance on your degree plan. This is particularly true for selecting the courses that will make up your 30 credit hours of environmental science coursework. These courses should be selected in a manner that provides a logical breadth and focus to your degree - they should not be selected haphazardly!

Scheduling an advising session:

Students in SPEA, please schedule advising appointments through the SPEA Undergraduate Programs Office by calling 812-855-0635. Indicate that you are a BSES student and ask for an hour-long appointment, especially if it is your first meeting with an advisor.

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences should schedule appointments with Kathy Davis. To schedule an appointment, you may contact her by email at

In addition to an academic advisor, we encourage BSES students to consult with environmental science faculty  about selecting coursework. Your academic advisor may direct you to a particular faculty member, or to the BSES Program Chair. However, you should begin with your academic advisor.

Current IU Students Considering the BSES

Current IU students who are considering the BSES are encouraged to speak with an advisor in either SPEA or the College of Arts and Sciences (see above). This should be done as soon as possible, to ensure a smooth transition to the BSES.