Closing the Gap: Community Literacy Intervention Program (CLIP) 

     CLIP originated from the African American Read-In program and was funded by an Indiana University Profit research grant. In 2005, Dr. Stephanie Carter started a community based research program working with African American high school students who wanted to improve their literacy abilities in preparation for college. Some of the research questions that this program seeks to collaboratively explore are: 1) How might utilizing Black students' home and school literacy practices as a resource facilitate improved academic literacy? 2) What are the various ways Black students are able to transfer their cultural knowledge and resources from an after school community literacy program to the school context? 3) How can working with Black youth in a community literacy program inform pre-service teachers' knowledge, current beliefs, and practices? One main goal of the research program is to help students build bridges and make connections between their home and school cultures to facilitate their academic success. The program emphasizes reading, writing, critical thinking, and leadership. It also provides Indiana University faculty and local teachers with an opportunity to model and mentor pre-service English teachers who have selected to participate in the CLIP field placement. CLIP exemplifies the importance of connecting teaching, research, and service. Annualy, CLIP participants produce a Literary Magazine called The Voice.


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