Beverly Stoeltje, Ph.D.

Ritual and Festival and Public Culture

Research in Ghana with queenmothers.

In the 1970s when I was beginning my graduate work, the field of anthropology saw a rise in the interest of ritual/festival/celebration, including events in which identity is displayed, politics are enacted, and artistic dimensions of culture are performed consistent with specific local preoccupations, resources and history.  Under these influences, I chose the ritual and festival of rodeo as my dissertation topic. Continuing in this vein, the "ritual genres" embody power relations and may lend themselves to the forces of domination or to the efforts of resistance, but they are equally as relevant to contemporary society as to preindustrial ones.  More recently, my work with Asante Queen Mothers analyzes the role of queen mothers as it is performed today, on narrative in Asante society, and on the chiefs' and queen mothers' courts and the litigants who utilize these courts to resolve disputes. Ritual forms emerged in popular culture where they reflect the social formations of a particular time and place. This research addresses the point at which cultural identity and modern politics intersect and identifies the significance of queenmothers in today's Ghana.



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