Beverly Stoeltje, Ph.D.

Gender Rituals: Beauty Pageants, Rodeo, and Feminism

Ghanaian Queen Mothers at a Durbar

Throughout my career, women and gender issues have captured my interest. As a native Texan who grew up on a ranch, I began my anthropological career researching, among other rodeo-related topics, cowgirls and festival queens.  Throughout my career I have concentrated on various representations of women in performance such as the rodeo but have also extended my research into gender rituals.  

Particularly reflective of globalization and efforts to redefine women's position in society are beauty pageants, ritual events around the world in which women are placed on display for society's evaluations. While considered trivial by some and vulgar by others, these events attract a huge following, are popularized by the media, and indicate to us just how concepts of gender are traveling around the globe and what strategies are employed to harness the powers of young women.

In Beauty Queens on the Global Stage, which I co-edited with Colleen Ballerino Cohen and Richard Wilk, I authored an article on the queen of the Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater, Texas.   My work on gender is also evident in my work on ritual and public culture, rodeo and cultural performance and my work in Ghana on Asante Queen Mothers and the Anthropology of Law.


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