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Steering Committee: The Asian-Pacific American Faculty and Staff Council (APAFSC)

  • Teresa Kang - East Asian Studies Center, School of Global and International Studies
  • Sachiko Koyama - Psychology and Brain Sciences
  • Joan Pong Linton - English, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Rita Patel - Speech and Hearing, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Harmeet Sahwney Singh - Telecommunications, School of Media
  • Samrat Upadhyay - English, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Liana Zhou, Chair - Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction

  • Network and Social Support
    • Promote visibility across campuses
    • Outreach to new faculty & staff
    • Partner with academic units in recruitment and retention efforts
    • Help transition faculty and staff through organizing social events
    • Create distribution list reserves and events calendar
    • Host spring and fall receptions
    • Create resource list for faculty
  • Professional Development and Mentoring
    • Create a list of all faculty and staff members
    • Distribute a questionnaire to find out the following (educational background, years serving IU, department)
    • Provide support for APAs academically, socially, and professionally
    • Aid faculty/staff in need of language support
    • Aid faculty/staff with regards to professional issues (securing grants, promotions, etc)
    • Develop mentoring program for younger faculty/staff members
  • Coalition Building and Advocacy
    • Better representation for Asian/Pacific American faculty and staff
    • Establish contacts with other minority groups
    • Serve as an advocacy group for individual problems and issues
    • Participate/attend multi-cultural events in the community and on campus
    • Create a list to publicize diversity-related events
    • Clarify policies that refer to "minority" groups. Why are APAs not included in some "minority" programs?
  • Mentoring and Student Support
    • Direct students to various student organizations and associations
    • Give information of where relevant sources are: places of worship, culture centers, etc
    • Provide students with information in regards to transportation, financial aid, etc
    • Network student associations from all campuses to locate need
    • Contact other people in the list/group