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One Discipline, Four Fields

Exploring Anthropology at IU

There are lots of opportunities to get experience in the field of Anthropology outside of traditional classroom settings. Students can participate in archaeological digs, work in a museum or develop their own research projects in conjunction with a faculty member. There are also internship and formal employment opportunities available at the centers affiliated with the Anthropology department. Some of these internship opportunities will qualify for academic credit. 

  • Field Schools
  • Honors Theses in AnthropologyDepartmental Honors Program - The Honors Program is designed to offer tutorial guidance to superior students who desire an in-depth and closely supervised approach toward developing and expressing their research interests in the discipline. Students may enter the program as early as the second semester of their Sophmore year or at any time during their Junior year. Ordinarily, only students with outstanding academic records will be accepted, but strength of interest and commitment shown by the applicant are considered important factors. Acceptance is made by the Department Chairperson or Honors Advisor who will assign the student to a faculty tutor. 

    Honors students must enroll in Honors Tutorial in Anthropology (A399), a three credit course that counts towards the undergraduate Anthropology major, in which a required thesis is prepared from original research. A399 may be repeated once. A one-hour oral defense of the thesis will be administered during the senior year by a three-member committee, one member of which is to be selected from outside the Department of Anthropology. Honors students are invited to enroll in fieldwork projects conducted each summer through the Department and also are urged to carefully examine the opportunities offered by the Overseas Study Program. For further details of the program you can contact the Honors Advisor, Della Collins Cook.
  • Opportunities at Mathers Museum - Students interested in pursuing museum related careers or who would like experience working with museum administration, organization, design, acquisition, exhibits and educations programs can receive credit (A408) for practicum done in the Mathers Museum. Please contact Judith Kirk.
  • Independent Studies - Students can design an independent research project in conjunction with a faculty member and receive credit for Individual Readings in Anthropology (A495). The research project must be developed with a faculty member with an agreed upon course of progress.
  • Fall 2014 Undergraduate Volunteer Opportunities in Anthropology.pdf