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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields


  1. Proposal review policy
    All external and internal proposals for sponsored projects must be reviewed by the Office of Research Administration (ORA). Some (but not all) fellowships are excluded. Contact the Anthropology Office Manager before applying to any program.
  2. Deadlines
    The internal deadline to submit all documents except the project description and bibliography to the Office Manager is always 4pm two weeks before the agency deadline. Contact the Office Manager well in advance of the internal deadline for help developing a budget, completing the cover sheet, registering for FastLane, assistance with subcontracts, and other administrative matters.
  3. Routing
    All external and internal proposals must be routed for internal approvals. The Office Manager creates a Kuali Coeus (KC) electronic document specific to each proposal, which is emailed through a hierarchical network of approvers / delegates:
    1. PI and co-PIs
    2. Chair of the Anthropology Department
    3. Dean / Chair / Director of co-PIs, if outside Anthropology
    4. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
    5. ORA
    The KC document must include at least a budget and justification, approved in advance by ORA.
  4. Submission
    No proposal should be submitted in advance of release from ORA. Who submits depends on the sponsoring agency. For instance, ORA submits NSF proposals; the PI submits Wenner-Gren proposals; an Academy member must submit proposals to the Indiana Academy of Science, etc.
  5. Award notification
    Congratulations! You got the grant! Immediately report all award notices to the Office Manager. Notifications may be mailed or emailed directly to the PI, and ORA must have a copy to set up an account. Be sure to schedule an appointment with the Office Manager at the time of the award notice to discuss billing and administration of your new account.
  6. Award management
    You can monitor your award account via MyRA. Access MyRA as follows:
    1. Go to the ORA home page,
    2. Page down to Systems Toolbox.  Click on the MyRA tab.
    3. Click on Access MyRA. 
    4. Complete the Central Authentication Service sign-in information. 

    You should then be directed to your MyRA profile.

    Please discuss your travel and purchasing needs with the Office Manager.  If you need a travel advance, be sure to apply at least one month before your expected departure date. 
  7. Award expiration
    You will be notified via email approximately eight to twelve weeks before the end of the award period. Funds not expended by the expiration date must be returned to the agency.

Questions? Contact the Office Manager at