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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

PhD Concentrations

Anthropology is constantly changing and adapting through productive interactions across intra- and inter-disciplinary boundaries. To meet new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities, the Anthropology Department has founded three innovative programs that give students opportunities to combine studies in two or more subfields. Where they are not the same, the requirements of these concentrations are additional to those of the traditional subfields.

Archaeology and
Social Context

The Ph.D. concentration in Archaeology and Social Context bridges the subfields of Social/Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology to address archaeological issues as they apply to contemporary peoples.
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Food Studies

The Department of Anthropology at IUB has unique strengths and capabilities in the study of food. Food Studies is organized as an Inside Minor within anthropology and each student will normally choose one of the four subfields within the department within which to pursue food studies.
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Students seeking the Ph.D. concentration in Paleoanthropology are expected to follow a course of study which will provide them with a general background in the discipline of Anthropology, a broad knowledge of the field of Archaeology and world prehistory, including theoretical issues and field/laboratory methods and techniques, and a focused concentration on archaeological approaches to human evolutionary studies.
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