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All applicants to the graduate program are automatically nominated for a range of fellowships funded by various sources at IU. Each year, a few incoming students receive this type of funding, often with generous stipends, tuition remission, and health insurance. Similarly, a number of advanced students in Anthropology typically receive IU teaching, dissertation writing, or research fellowships. (Please note: many fellowships do require separate applications, such as FLAS, FFTF, and others listed at the bottom of this page.)

David C. Skomp Endowment Awards

David C. Skomp, a 1965 graduate of the Department of Anthropology, generously endowed the department with funds to support graduate students in the department.

Assistantships (Associate Instructors, Research Assistants, Graduate Assistants)

The department offers a number of assistantships in varying roles. Anthropology graduate students have ample opportunity to gain valuable experience while also funding their education, through teaching their own courses and conducting research with a particular faculty member or center. , Most assistantships come with a stipend, tuition remission, and health insurance. Also, many of our students are highly sought after by other departments for teaching and research assistantships.

Other Departmental Awards

  • Bidney Paper Award
  • Schneider Paper Award
  • AI Awards

Other Funding Opportunities at IU

Numerous other fellowships and awards are offered through other programs and administrative bodies on the IU campus.  For some awards offered through the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Office and the University Graduate School, departmental nomination is required.  Please be aware that Anthropology Department’s Graduate Affairs Committee requires Anthropology graduate students to submit applications at least seven days prior to the nomination deadlines. The department's seven day rule gives our faculty time to carefully review applications, select or rank nominations, write a letter on behalf of the department, and deliver them to the appropriate office.

For some awards (such as the FLAS and FFTF) students apply directly to the office offering the award and our GAC faculty do not need to review these application.  In all cases, graduate students are required to inform the Department of any funding and awards that they receive.

In addition to IU’s numerous area studies centers and specialized research institutes, here are some links to some of the IU organizations that routinely provide funding for IU Anthropology graduate students:

Applying for External Grants and Fellowships