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One Discipline, Four Fields
Chilo Velazquez is one of last remaining speakers of an indigenous Mexican language called Ayapaneco. Dr. Daniel Suslak is working with don Chilo and others to document the grammar and vocabulary of their language before it disappears forever. Graduate student Elizabeth Konwest holding a ceramic vessel that had been left as an offering at a mountaintop archaeological site in Santa Ana Tavela, Oaxaca, Mexico. Photo by Stacie King© Nejapa/Tavela Archaeological Project 2011. The ‘Ver-o-Peso’ market is known for its cornucopia of fish, forest fruits and medicines.  Dr. Eduardo Brondizio studies how national and global markets affect rural families and their decisions about land use and migration in the Brazilian amazon. At the Anthropological Center for Training and Research on Global  Environmental Change (ACT) faculty and students are studying how local populations respond to and provide solutions to global environmental change. Prof. Tucker works with a local forest user to assess forest conditions as part of a study to understand how a Honduran indigenous community is managing its communally owned watershed reserve.


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