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In the News

IU professors attempt to save dying language
Asma Khalid; Indiana Daily Student , 2003

NEH grant will enable IU professors to share oral histories collected in Eastern Europe
Steve Hinnefeld; IU Home Pages, 2009

Speak to me in Yiddish
Eugenia Sheinman; (article about AHEYM in Russian originally published in Shalom monthly, Chicago, reprinted in My Zdes').

Preserving Stories of Jewish Life During WWII in Ukraine
Sarah Pellegrino; National Jewish Post & Opinion , Vol. 76 No. 17, June 16, 2010

A Home For Lost Histories
Bruce Lilly; The College Magazine - Colleges of Arts & Sciences - Indiana University, 2013

"A Lost World" - a Book About the Life of the Ukrainian Shtetl after the War
Jewish Community Of Dnepropetrovsk, 2013

סאָװעטישע ייִדישע געשיכטע נוסח שטעטל (Soviet Jewish history, the shtetl view)
Mikhail Krutikov; The Yiddish Daily Forward, 2013

Voices from the Shtetl: The Yiddish Memories Project
Ralph Canevali; Division of Preservation and Access, National Endowment for the Humanities, 2014

The Yiddish Speakers Who Stayed Behind
Jenny Levison; Jewniverse, 2014

AHEYM Multimedia Links

"In the Shadow of the Shtetl": Telling the Story of Small-Town Jewish Life
Interview with Jeffrey Veidlinger on Tune in! The Yiddish Book Center's Podcast 2014

ָֿֿֿפֿאָלקסמענטשן זינגען אויס זייער צער און בענקשאַפֿט אין הײַנצײַטיקער אוקראַינע (surviving remnants of Yiddish folk-singing and creativity in contemporary Ukraine) (unedited preprint) an article by Dov-Ber Kerler soon to appear in Afn Shvel 2014

Interview with Dov-Ber Kerler on IBA Kol Israel International - Yiddish Radio 2013

"In the Shadow of the Shtetl" Book Trailer 2013

Media Preservation IUB 2012

Archives of Traditional Music 2011

AHEYM Film Clip 2010