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Visiting Scholars, Artists, and Professionals

Ziblim Iddi, Political Science, University of Ghana-Legon
Fall Semester, 2013

Mohamed Abakar Ismail, Linguistics, University of Kordofan, Sudan
Academic Year 2013-2014

George Osodi, Independent Photographer, Lagos, Nigeria
November 2-10, 2012
Mr. Osodi is an award-winning photographer who has worked as a photojournalist for Nigerian and international news organizations. He has exhibited and discussed his photographs in museums, private galleries, and in solo and group exhibitions in several African countries, across Europe, in Brazil, India, and in the United States.

Angela Ofeibea Amedo (OD, PhD), Chair, Department of Optometry, Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology (KNUST), Kumasi, Ghana
August 7-9, 2012

Stacy Hardy, Assistant Editor, Chimurenga, Cape Town, South Africa
April 5-12, 2012

Maha El Rabbat (MD), Chair, Department of Public Health, Cairo University
March 20-April 3, 2012

Jacob Otieno, Photo Editor, The Standard, Nairobi, Kenya
October 15-November 1, 2011
Mr. Otieno is an award-winning photojournalist who has covered news events in Kenya and in neighboring countries. In his capacity as photo editor of The Standard newspaper, he oversees twenty-six photojournalists across Kenya.

Djibril Sy, Photographer, Dakar, Senegal
October 18-October 29, 2011

Mr. Sy is a photographer who has worked for the news agency Panapress as well as for the Dakar Mayor’s office. His award-winning photographs have captured many topics, including everyday life, the environment, and armed conflict in a number of African countries.