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Welcome to the African Studies Program!

The African Studies Program has long been recognized as one of the leading centers for the interdisciplinary study of Africa. We are committed to being one of the nation's leading programs for the interdisciplinary study of Africa. Our diverse research, teaching, and outreach activities promote greater understanding and appreciation of the continent and its people. We also promote the study of Africa in global perspective by cooperating with other area-studies programs, international centers, professional schools, and departments inside and outside Indiana University. All of our activities are conducted in accordance with our values stressing integrity, excellence, diversity, community, collaboration, and creativity.

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Upcoming Events ♦ Announcements

African language courses will have the AFRI prefix beginning Fall 2017

Early registration for Fall 2017 begins April 3. Please note that effective Fall 2017, all African Language courses will carry the AFRI prefix instead of LING. For example, Elementary Bamana I used to be indentified as LING-B 101 but will now be listed as AFRI-B 101. You can find all AFRI courses, including African Language courses, on the IU Regristrar's Schedule of Classes page.

Spring 2017 Friday Colloquium Series

March 31 | 10:30am - Noon | SGIS GA 1100

“Humanitarian Histories in Africa’s First World War: A Look at the Evidence”
Michelle Moyd, Department of History
See the full Colloquium schedule here.

Contemporary Africa Seminar Speaker Series

April 5 | 5:30 - 7:00pm | SGIS GA 1122

"Chimurenga Intersections: Epistemologies of Self-Liberation through African Music Scholarship and Performance”
Professor Mhoze Chikowero, History, University of California Santa Barbara and Thomas Mapfumo. Find the full series schedule here.

Thomas Mapfumo and The Blacks Unlimited

April 6 | 6:30pm - 8:00pm | Showalter Arts Plaza
Thomas Mapfumo is one of Zimbabwe's greatest living musical legends, and he is coming to IUB to perform live in concert! Find out more here.