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What is ADAPT Consulting @ IU?

ADAPT Consulting was started by a group of motivated students looking for a more hands-on way to apply their knowledge to the real world. Our organization is unique in that it provides undergraduate psychology students with an out-of-classroom experience often found in graduate schools.

Students who are accepted into ADAPT work with a project group throughout the semester. Each project group works with a local business or nonprofit to work on an issues that matters in the real world, right now. Projects can range from employee morale to better performance reviews.

What is I/O Psychology?

I/O (industrial and organizational) psychology is a field that specializes in human behavior in the workplace and applies psychological principles and theories to improve organizations.

Do I need to be a business major to join?

No, we're happy to accept applications from all majors! ADAPT was founded by psychology majors and specializes in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. That doesn't mean that we don't need students with diverse majors, background, and experience.

What can I expect to get out of ADAPT?

As a member of ADAPT, you can expect to develop and enhance skills that will help you to succeed in the workplace. Members contribute over the semester to help build and present a project that is proposed by a local business or nonprofit. These projects, and your contribution to them, will be tailored to you and completely different each semester.

What is an ADAPT project like?

Projects start when we meet with a local business and ask them about their interests. We put together a project and assign an experienced student as a project lead. The project lead (along with our executive board) interview prospective members and put together a project team.

Once the team is assembled, we start to work on the project deliverables. At least one throughout the semester we touch base with our client about the project. At the end of the semester we provide the client with a final presentation and any deliverables.