Asian Culture Center

Our Staff

Meet the staff of the ACC! Whether we are greeting you at the center or leading an event around town, we are happy to assist you.

Senior Staff

Melanie Castillo-Cullather, Director

To learn more about Melanie, visit her feature profile on Her Story.

Sarah Moon Stamey, Program Associate

I am the Program Associate and a recent graduate of Indiana University, where I received my doctorate in organ performance. I was the Student Outreach Coordinator for three years and am excited to continue developing programs and resources for the campus and community at the Asian Culture Center. I hope you will stop by and see what our center has to offer!

Dillon Smith, Graduate Assistant

Aloha! I am the current Graduate Assistant. I am a Samoan PhD student in Linguistics from Hawai'i. In my free time, I love engaging with different cultures, through food, dance, and language, and spreading my own culture through dancing hula and doing research on my own heritage language, Samoan. Please do not hesitate to stop by and talk with me!

"Let's Talk" Team »

Jacks Cheng

Hi everyone! I am a PhD student in Counseling Psychology and new to Bloomington. I love food, traveling, reading, movies, and meeting new people, so come find me to hang out and chat! I am also happy to represent Center for Human Growth (CHG) and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at the ACC, and you are welcome to come ask me about the services we provide. I’ll be at the ACC every Wednesday from 5 to 7 p.m. See you around!

Wei-Cheng (Wilson) Hsiao, Ph.D., HSPP

I am a staff psychologist from IU Counseling and Psychological Service (CAPS). On the personal level, I like jogging, swimming, hiking, and traveling. I’ve enjoyed the lives in Bloomington, especially the fantastic swimming pool facilities. On the professional level, it is my honor to join the Let’s Talk team and provide the counseling services at the ACC. I will be at the ACC every Tuesday and Friday from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. I will be happy to answer any questions you have and make the services become easily accessible to you.

Shaozhuan Li

Hi everybody! I am a PhD student in Counseling Psychology. I’m very excited meet you as a representative and a “Let’s Talk” consultant of IU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at the ACC. I’m currently also serving as a student representative of Positive Psychology of APA. I love cooking, hiking, house cleaning and organizing, meditation, and reading a lot of books. My office hours at the ACC is Thursdays 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Looking forward to get to know you and talk with you about the services that CAPS provides. Stop by and let’s talk. :)

Student Assistants

Nitin Arora

Hey! My name is Nitin Arora, and I am currently a junior pursuing a biology major with a business minor. I enjoy playing sports, meeting new people, and sleeping. I hope you can use the wonderful resources here at the ACC.

Laura Baumann

I am a senior in the Kelley School of Business, and I have been working at the ACC since my senior year of high school. So far it has been a blast meeting and working with different people, helping out with events and being a part of the excitement here at the ACC.

Crystal Chen

Hey everyone! My name is Crystal Chen, and I am a junior majoring in Psychology and Informatics with a LAMP certificate. I grew up in Carmel, Indiana, but my heart is in the mountains. I love adventuring around in the great outdoors, going to concerts and taking photos. I can't wait to see you around the ACC!

Alyssa de la Rosa

Hello! I am a junior majoring in business management and minoring in informatics. I used to play a lot of piano and violin, but now I do a lot of graphic and web design. I also like food, interior design, and reading. Hope to see you at the ACC soon!

Zheng Guan

Hi, I am a media student who is a junior in IUB. ACC is a great family in campus, so join us and enjoy great learning opportunity here. Besides that, I like to go traveling and play some sports. Wish I can be a good friend to you!

Deepa Kasinathan

Hi Everyone! I am a graduate student pursuing Masters in Computer Science at IU. I grew up in India and moved to Bloomington for pursuing masters. I love to travel alone and I enjoy cooking.

Eric Langowski

Hello everyone! I am a lifelong Hoosier from Carmel, Indiana, and a junior studying Mathematics where I hope to apply my analytical skills towards research for the social good and societal equality. I have fallen in love with Bloomington over the last two years and am looking forward towards my last two years on campus. I am passionate about creating an aware and active citizenry. I lead service learning trips to New Orleans over school breaks and run student government elections with a strong emphasis on the inclusion of those previously not engaged. I am a fourth generation mixed Japanese American, and I am proud to be the Youth Representative of the Midwest District of the Japanese American Citizens League's National Youth/Student Council.

Tabitha Rominger

Hello! I am a junior studying human biology and psychology. I've lived in Bloomington my entire life, and love taking my friends around town to explore and adventure. I am a research assistant in the Cognitive Action Neuroimaging lab in the psych department, and work for the Kelley School of Business. I spend my free time painting, working out and making valiant attempts at cooking. I hope to see you around the ACC soon!

Maxwell Sandberg

Hi! I’m Maxwell Sandberg, a junior pianist in Jacobs who is still trying to find a double major with something else. Maybe a science. As a very eclectic person, I have a wide range of interests, and this year I am working on building a cooking club for Forest and continuing the Buddhism club. Aside from that and practicing music, you may spot me occasionally wandering around all day, reading a book, or in a tree, at least until it gets cold. Then I’ll move into my nice cozy home in the Forest.

Dazu Shi

Hey everyone! I am a senior in the Kelley School of Business majoring in accounting and finance. Outside of academics, I enjoy photography and web design. While I'm not too good at basketball, feel free to challenge me in table tennis.

Emiliana Turnbill

I am a senior majoring in management and minoring in health administration. I enjoy making short films and playing the piano. I am also a member of the Indiana Hoosierette dance team.

Duohong Xia

Hi, everyone! I am a senior majoring in mathematics. I like traveling and enjoying the local food with new friends on the road. That made me a tour guide in Asia before, so if you plan to travel to Asia, feel free to come ACC and I will share you some my little tips and recommendations. Also, I would like to hear your stories!

Sushuma Yarlagadda

I am currently a senior pre-med student majoring in biology. I am heavily involved in many cultural organizations including the Indian Student Association (ISA) and a Bollywood dance group called IU Jhanak.