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Indiana University student organizations, academic departments, and support units may request to have their Web sites linked from an IU Bloomington campus Web page. In addition, any organization linked from the IU Bloomington campus Web site will also be linked from the A–Z Big List.

Please note: Student, staff, and faculty personal home pages will not be linked from the IU Bloomington campus Web site, except from the Directory of Personal Home Pages. See the Knowledge Base document “At IU, how can I publish personal pages on Mypage?” for more information.


When a link is requested, the IU Bloomington campus Web manager will review your site to make sure that it meets the following criteria for inclusion on the official campus Web site:

  1. The site belongs to an organization associated with the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. In addition, student organizations are required to be registered with the Student Activities Office.
  2. The site clearly displays its affiliation with Indiana University.
  3. The site provides a prominent link to
  4. The site conforms to the official IU Web standards.
  5. The site does not contain commercial advertisements for any product or service, except those that support the mission of Indiana University.

Please contact the campus Web manager if you have questions, concerns, or general comments about the IU Bloomington Web site.

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