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Supporting Your Student

Once your student is on campus, there are a number of resources with which you should be familiar. 


If your child becomes ill, injured or has other health issues, they can:


Figuring out what (and how) to study and balancing schoolwork with other activities is sometimes a challenge.

Perhaps your concern for your child is in:

Or you want to know how your son or daughter can:


Paying the bills or having a little extra spending money is always a concern.

Maybe your child is looking for:

Your student can also check out:


Having a group of friends with common interests and backgrounds can make a large campus seem much smaller and welcoming.

There are many:

Stop Sexual Violence at IU

IU is committed to leading the fight against sexual violence. As part of this commitment, we have launched a new website. It provides help and resources for those who have experienced sexual violence and educates the IU community about what sexual violence is, how to prevent it, and what to do if and when an incident occurs.

Visit the site now »

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