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Majors, Degrees, and Programs

Majors, Degrees, and Programs

IU Bloomington undergraduates can choose among more than 180 majors and 330 degree programs, and graduate students can pursue more than 190 master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees. Almost every academic area available as a major can also be pursued as a minor, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Undergraduates who are undecided about a major or career path may be interested in Explore Majors at IU and the many advising and career services available on campus. You can also create your own major through our Individualized Major Program.

For more information about graduate-level study, visit the University Graduate School.

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AccountingKelley School of BusinessBSMBA, MSAPhD
Adapted Physical EducationSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMSPhD
Adult EducationSchool of EducationMS
African American and African Diaspora StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
African American Studies and SociologyCollege of Arts and SciencesBA
African LanguagesCollege of Arts and SciencesMinor
African StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesCert, MinorMAMinor
American StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesBAPhD
AnatomySchool of MedicineMSPhD
Ancient StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesMinor
Animal BehaviorCollege of Arts and SciencesBS, Cert, MinorCert, Minor
AnthropologyCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
Apparel MerchandisingCollege of Arts and SciencesBSMS
Applied EcologySchool of Public and Environmental AffairsMS
Applied Health ScienceSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBSMSPhD
Applied Sport ScienceSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMS
Art Education (graduate)School of EducationMSEdD, PhD
Art Education (undergraduate)School of EducationBS
Art History (see History of Art)
Arts AdministrationSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsCertMAMinor
Arts AdministrationSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsBS
Asian American StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesMinor
Astronomy and AstrophysicsCollege of Arts and SciencesBSMAPhD
Athletic Administration / Sport ManagementSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMS
Athletic TrainingSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBSMS
Atmospheric ScienceCollege of Arts and SciencesCert
Audio Recording (see Recording Arts)
Audio Technology (see Recording Arts)
Audiology and Hearing ScienceCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BSAuD
Auditory SciencesCollege of Arts and SciencesPhD
BalletJacobs School of MusicBS
Band (see Conducting, Wind)
BassoonJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
Behavioral, Social and Community HealthSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMPH
Biochemistry (undergraduate)College of Arts and SciencesBA, BS
Biochemistry (graduate)College of Arts and SciencesMSPhD
BioinformaticsSchool of Informatics and ComputingMSPhD
BiologyCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BSMAT, MSPhD
BiomechanicsSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMSPhD
BiostatisticsSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMPH
BiotechnologyCollege of Arts and SciencesBSMS
Brass InstrumentsJacobs School of MusicBM, BME, BSMMDM
BusinessKelley School of BusinessBS, MinorMBA, MSA, MSISPhD
Business AdministrationKelley School of BusinessMBA
Business AnalyticsKelley School of BusinessMBA
Business EconomicsKelley School of BusinessPhD
Business FoundationsKelley School of BusinessCert
CelloJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
Central Eurasian StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, Cert, MinorMAPhD
CeramicsCollege of Arts and SciencesMAT, MFA
Chemical InformaticsSchool of Informatics and ComputingCert, MSPhD
Chemical PhysicsCollege of Arts and SciencesPhD
ChemistryCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BSMAT, MSPhD
ClarinetJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
Classical Civilization: Art and ArchaeologyCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, Minor
Classical Civilization: Culture and LiteratureCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, Minor
Classical Studies - Latin and GreekCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMA, MATPhD
Cognitive ScienceCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BSPhD
Communication and CultureCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
Community HealthSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBSPH
Comparative LiteratureCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMA, MATPhD
CompositionJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
Computational LinguisticsCollege of Arts and SciencesMAMinor, PhD
Computer Music CompositionJacobs School of MusicMM
Computer ScienceSchool of Informatics and ComputingBA, BSMSPhD
Conducting, ChoralJacobs School of MusicMMDM
Conducting, OrchestralJacobs School of MusicMMDM
Conducting, WindJacobs School of MusicMMDM
Counseling and Counselor EducationSchool of EducationEdS, MSMinor
Counseling PsychologySchool of EducationPhD
Creative WritingCollege of Arts and SciencesMA, MFA
Criminal JusticeCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, CertMAPhD
Cultural StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesMinor
Curriculum StudiesSchool of EducationMSEdD, PhD
DanceCollege of Arts and SciencesBS
Decision SciencesKelley School of BusinessPhD
DieteticsSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBS
Digital ArtCollege of Arts and SciencesMFA
Double BassJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
Drama (see Theatre and Drama)
DutchCollege of Arts and SciencesCert, Minor
Early Childhood Education (graduate)School of EducationMS
Early Childhood Education (undergraduate)School of EducationBS
Early MusicJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
East Asian Languages and CulturesCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
East Asian StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
Economic ConsultingKelley School of BusinessBS
Economic DevelopmentSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsMPA
EconomicsCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
Economics / MathematicsCollege of Arts and SciencesBA
Ecosystem Science (see Environmental Science)
Education Policy StudiesSchool of EducationMinor, PhD
Educational LeadershipSchool of EducationEdS, MSEdD, PhD
Educational PsychologySchool of EducationMSPhD
EgyptologyCollege of Arts and SciencesMA
Electronic and Computer Music (see Computer Music Composition)
Elementary Education (graduate)School of EducationCert, EdS, MSEdD, PhD
Elementary Education (undergraduate)School of EducationBS, Lic
EnergySchool of Public and Environmental AffairsMPA, MS
EnglishCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
EntrepreneurshipKelley School of BusinessBS, CertPhD
Entrepreneurship and Corporate InnovationKelley School of BusinessMBA
Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology and Risk AssessmentSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsMS
Environmental HealthSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMPHPhD
Environmental ManagementSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsBSPA, CertMPA, MS
Environmental Policy and Natural Resource ManagementSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsMPA
Environmental ScienceSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsBSMSPhD
Environmental and Sustainability StudiesSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsBA, Cert
EpidemiologySchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMPHPhD
ErgonomicsSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMS
Ethnomusicology (see Folklore and Ethnomusicology)
EuphoniumJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
European StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesMinorCert, MACert, Minor
Evolution, Ecology and BehaviorCollege of Arts and SciencesMSPhD
Exercise PhysiologySchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMSPhD
Exercise ScienceSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBSMSPhD
Family HealthSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMPH
Fashion DesignCollege of Arts and SciencesBA
FinanceKelley School of BusinessBSMBAPhD
FluteJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
Folklore and EthnomusicologyCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, MinorMAPhD
FrenchCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
Game StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesCert
Gender StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesBAPhD
GeneticsCollege of Arts and SciencesPhD
GeographyCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BSMA, MSPhD
Geological SciencesCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BSMSPhD
Germanic StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, MinorMA, MATPhD
GerontologySchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMinor
Global Health PromotionSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMinor
Global StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesMinor
Global Supply Chain Management (online program)Kelley School of BusinessMS
Graphic DesignCollege of Arts and SciencesMAT, MFA
GreekCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
GuitarJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
HarpJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
Hazard Control Technology (see Safety Management)
Hazardous Materials ManagementSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsCert
Health BehaviorSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonPhD
Health Education - Secondary Teacher PreparationSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBS
Health Fitness SpecialistSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBS
Health PolicySchool of Public and Environmental AffairsMPA
Health PromotionSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMS
Health StudiesSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMinor
Health Systems AdministrationSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsMinor
Healthcare Management and PolicySchool of Public and Environmental AffairsBS
HebrewCollege of Arts and SciencesMinor
Higher Education and Student AffairsSchool of EducationCert, MSEdD, PhD
HistoryCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMA, MATPhD
History of ArtCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
History, Philosophy & Comparative EducationSchool of EducationMSMinor, PhD
History and Philosophy of ScienceCollege of Arts and SciencesCert, MinorMAPhD
HornJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
Human BiologyCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BS, Cert
Human-Computer Interaction DesignSchool of Informatics and ComputingMSPhD
Human DevelopmentSchool of EducationPhD
Human Development and Family StudiesSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBS, MinorMS
Human PerformanceSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonPhD
Human Resource ManagementKelley School of BusinessPhD
Human Resource ManagementSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsBSPA, Minor
Human SexualitySchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMinor
Hydrology and Water Resources (see Environmental Science)
Immersive Mediated EnvironmentsCollege of Arts and SciencesMS
India StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, Cert, MinorMinor
Individualized Major ProgramCollege of Arts and SciencesBA
InformaticsSchool of Informatics and ComputingBSMSPhD
Information and Process ManagementKelley School of BusinessBS
Information ArchitectureSchool of Informatics and ComputingCert
Information ScienceSchool of Informatics and ComputingMISPhD
Information SystemsKelley School of BusinessMSISPhD
Information SystemsSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsMPA
Inquiry MethodologySchool of EducationMS
Instructional Systems TechnologySchool of EducationCert, MSEdD, PhD
Instrumental Teaching (see Music Education)
Interior DesignCollege of Arts and SciencesBS
International Business (co-major only)Kelley School of BusinessBS
International DevelopmentSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsMPA
International StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesBA
ItalianCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
Jazz StudiesJacobs School of MusicBM, BSMMMinor
Jewish StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, CertMAMinor
JournalismCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, CertMAPhD
KinesiologySchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBSMSPhD
Labor StudiesSchool of Social WorkBS, Cert
Landscape StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesMinor
Language Education/World LanguagesSchool of EducationBS, Lic
Language Sciences (see Speech and Hearing Sciences)
LatinCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMA, MATPhD
Latin American and Caribbean StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesCert, MinorMACert, Minor
Latino StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesMinorMinor
LawMaurer School of LawCert, LLM, MCLJD, SJD
Law and Social ScienceMaurer School of LawPhD
Law and Public PolicySchool of Public and Environmental AffairsBSPA, Minor
Leadership, Ethics, and Social Action (see Political and Civic Engagement)
Learning SciencesSchool of EducationCert, MSPhD
Legal StudiesKelley School of BusinessBS
Leisure BehaviorSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonPhD
Liberal Arts and Management ProgramCollege of Arts and SciencesCert
Liberal StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesBGS
Library ScienceSchool of Informatics and ComputingMLSSpLIS
LinguisticsCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
Literacy, Culture, and Language EducationSchool of EducationCert, EdS, MSEdD, PhD
Local Government ManagementSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsMPA
ManagementKelley School of BusinessBSMBA
ManagementSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsBS
MarketingKelley School of BusinessBSMBAPhD
Mass CommunicationSchool of JournalismPhD
Mass CommunicationCollege of Arts and SciencesPhD
MathematicsCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BSMA, MATPhD
Mathematics EducationSchool of EducationMSEdD, PhD
Medical PhysicsCollege of Arts and SciencesMS
Medical SciencesSchool of MedicineMSMD, PhD
Medieval StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesCertCertMinor
Metalsmithing and Jewelry DesignCollege of Arts and SciencesMAT, MFA
Methodology (see Inquiry Methodology)
MicrobiologyCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BSMSPhD
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental BiologyCollege of Arts and SciencesPhD
Motor Learning and ControlSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMSPhD
MusicJacobs School of MusicBM, BME, BSMA, MM, MMEDM, PhD
Music EducationJacobs School of MusicBMEMME, MSDME, PhD
Music InformaticsSchool of Informatics and ComputingMSPhD
Music TheoryJacobs School of MusicMinorMMPhD
Musical TheatreCollege of Arts and SciencesBFA
MusicologyJacobs School of MusicMAPhD
Near Eastern Languages and CulturesCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
NeuroscienceCollege of Arts and SciencesBSPhD
New Media and Interactive StorytellingCollege of Arts and SciencesCert
New Venture and Business Development (see Business Administration)
NorwegianCollege of Arts and SciencesMinor
NursingSchool of NursingBS
NutritionSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMinor
Nutrition ScienceSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBSMS
OboeJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
Opera StudiesJacobs School of MusicMinor
Operations ManagementKelley School of BusinessBSPhD
Optometric Technology/OpticianrySchool of OptometryCert
OptometrySchool of OptometryOD
Orchestral ConductingJacobs School of MusicMMDM
OrganJacobs School of MusicBM, BMEMMDM
Organ and Sacred MusicJacobs School of MusicMMDM
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource ManagementKelley School of BusinessPhD
Outdoor RecreationSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMS
Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Human EcologySchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBS
PaintingCollege of Arts and SciencesMFA
Park and Public Lands ManagementSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMS
PathologySchool of MedicineMSPhD
PercussionJacobs School of MusicBM, BME, BSMMDM
PharmacologySchool of MedicineMSPhD
PhilosophyCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
PhotographyCollege of Arts and SciencesMAT, MFA
Physical Activity, Fitness and WellnessSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMS
Physical Education Teacher EducationSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBS
PhysicsCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BSMAT, MSPhD
PhysiologySchool of MedicineMSPhD
PianoJacobs School of MusicBM, BSMMDM
Plant SciencesCollege of Arts and SciencesMSPhD
Policy AnalysisSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsBSPAMPA
Political and Civic EngagementCollege of Arts and SciencesCert
Political ScienceCollege of Arts and SciencesBAPhD
Pollution Control Technologies and Remediation (see Environmental Science)
PortugueseCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
PrintmakingCollege of Arts and SciencesMAT, MFA
Professional Health EducationSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMPH
PsychologyCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BSPhD
Public AffairsSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsBSPA, CertMPAPhD
Public Financial ManagementSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsBSPACert, MPA
Public HealthSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMinor
Public HealthSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsCert
Public Health AdministrationSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMPH
Public ManagementSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsCert, MPA
Public, Nonprofit, and Community RecreationSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBS
Public and Nonprofit ManagementSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsBSPA, CertCert, MPA
Public PolicyKelley School of BusinessBS
Public PolicySchool of Public and Environmental AffairsPhD
Real EstateKelley School of BusinessBS
Recording ArtsJacobs School of MusicBS
RecreationSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBSMSPhD
Recreation AdministrationSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMS
Recreational Sport ManagementSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBS
Recreational Sports AdministrationSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMS
Recreational TherapySchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBSMS
Religious StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
Renaissance StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesCert, Minor
Russian and East European StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesMinorMACert, Minor
SafetySchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBS, Minor
Safety ManagementSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonCertMS
SaxophoneJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
School Administration (see Educational Leadership)
School and College Health EducationSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMS
School PsychologySchool of EducationEdSPhD
Science EducationSchool of EducationMSEdD, PhD
Scientific ComputingCollege of Arts and SciencesMinor
SculptureCollege of Arts and SciencesBFAMAT, MFA
Second Language StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesMAPhD
Secondary Education (graduate)School of EducationEdS, MSEdD, PhD
Secondary Education (undergraduate)School of EducationBS, Lic
Security InformaticsSchool of Informatics and ComputingMSPhD
Slavic Languages and LiteraturesCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMA, MATPhD
Social EntrepreneurshipSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsCert
Social Science and MedicineCollege of Arts and SciencesMinor
Social Studies EducationSchool of EducationMSEdD, PhD
Social WorkSchool of Social WorkBSW
SociologyCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMAPhD
Sociology of Work and BusinessCollege of Arts and SciencesMinor
SpanishCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMA, MATPhD
Spatial Analysis (see Geographic Information Science)
Special Education (graduate)School of EducationEdS, Lic, MSPhD
Special Education (undergraduate)School of EducationBS
Speech and Hearing SciencesCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BSMAAuD, PhD
Speech-Language PathologyCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BSMA
Sport CommunicationSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBS
Sport ManagementSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonPhD
Sport Marketing and ManagementSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBS
Statistical ScienceCollege of Arts and SciencesMSPhD
StatisticsCollege of Arts and SciencesBS
Strategic Analysis of AccountingKelley School of BusinessMBA
Strategic Management Consulting (see Business)
Studio ArtCollege of Arts and SciencesBA, BFAMA, MFA
Supply Chain and OperationsKelley School of BusinessMBA
Supply Chain ManagementKelley School of BusinessBS
Sustainability and Sustainable DevelopmentSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsMPA
Technology Management (co-major only)Kelley School of BusinessBS
TelecommunicationsCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMA, MSPhD
TESOL and Applied LinguisticsCollege of Arts and SciencesCert, MA
TextilesCollege of Arts and SciencesMAT, MFA
Theatre and DramaCollege of Arts and SciencesBAMA, MFAPhD
Therapeutic Outdoor ProgramsSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMinorCertCert
Tourism, Hospitality, and Event ManagementSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBS
Tourism ManagementSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonMS
TromboneJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
TrumpetJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
TubaJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
Urban StudiesSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsCert
Victorian StudiesCollege of Arts and SciencesCertMinor
ViolaJacobs School of MusicBM, BSMMDM
ViolinJacobs School of MusicBM, BSMMDM
VioloncelloJacobs School of MusicBM, BSMMDM
Vision ScienceSchool of OptometryMSPhD
VoiceJacobs School of MusicBM, BSMMDM
Water ResourcesSchool of Public and Environmental AffairsMS
Women's Studies (see Gender Studies)
Woodwind InstrumentsJacobs School of MusicBMMMDM
YiddishCollege of Arts and SciencesMinorMinor
Youth DevelopmentSchool of Public Health—BloomingtonBS, Minor

Degree Legend

Clinical Doctorate in Audiology
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of General Studies
Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Music Education
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and Policy
Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs
Bachelor of Science in Public Health
Bachelor of Social Work
Doctor of Music
Doctor of Music Education
Doctor of Education
Specialist in Education
Doctor of Jurisprudence
License and/or certification
Master of Laws
Master of Arts
Master of Arts for Teachers 
Master of Business Administration
Master of Comparative Law
Doctor of Medicine
Master of Fine Arts
Undergraduate or Ph.D. minor
Master of Information Science
Master of Library Science
Master of Music
Master of Music Education
Master of Public Affairs
Master of Public Health
Master of Science
Master of Science in Information Systems
Doctor of Optometry
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Juridical Science
Specialist in Library and Information Science

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